I can't say enough great things about Christina! From start to finish the process is seamless and fun, as she is detail oriented and organized. She is insanely talented and a natural with my busy toddler. She knows all the best tricks to get the shot and gives clear directions that result in the sweetest and most authentic moments. Christina's confidence and calm demeanor is contagious during our session and the photos always exceed our expectations. I can't recommend her enough. She is simply a joy to work with!

Howard County Lifestyle Photography

For Families In Which Joy + Chaos Coexist

What you get: photographic evidence that our most joyous moments happen even during our most chaotic seasons of life. 

If you’re deep into the toddler stage, and you think it’s impossible to get good photos of them, I’m here to remind you that those stinkers give the most authentic smiles and their endless energy makes every image unique.

If you’re wanting to remember fun day-in-the-life memories of apple picking in an orchard or cookie baking at home, I’m here to make even the mishaps and missteps look beautiful, because all that matters is that you’re together. 

If you want photographs with your camera-shy partner prone to weirded out, Ricky Bobby (what do I do with my hands?) moments, I’m here to use my kooky prompts that are guaranteed to keep things natural, lighthearted, and full of laughs, smiles, and snuggles. 

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Your GENUINE Connections + Emotions

You may not want to remember the sticky hands, but you’ll want to recall how it felt to hold your baby close to your chest, your toddler’s silly wiggles and dances, and your children’s signature expressions.

I want these heartfelt images to serve as a reminder to you of how little your children/fur babies were and as evidence to them of how much they were loved.

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I believe in documenting the heart of your family, and that YOU are your children's memories and their magic.



Your family’s love blossoms and grows all year long, and taking time for a family photography session should be that way, too. If you believe that family photos are treasures all year and you want more than just picture-perfect smiles for the holiday card, you’re in the right place.

I get you in the picture (& printed) as I capture your family’s sweet little moments in between the chaos.


I capture honest family connections in photos, not the buttoned up versions of yourselves that you don't recognize.


I you believe family images aren't just for one season of the year, you have found your photographer!

The Easy 3-Step Process

including session fee, digital files, and artwork/albumS/prints

Complimentary Styling for Your Session

As a busy parent, I know the struggle for getting enough alone time to search in stores or even online for picture-worthy outfits. That’s why I cover all the bases for you. Style and Select creates a stress-free process for you to choose clothing items based on your goal vibe + color scheme for your session.

What clients/collaborators Love About This Service

• You can upload an image of pieces you already have to see them side by side or from my Client Closet with new pieces.

Whether your family likes heading off on yet another weekend adventure to a pumpkin patch, farm, brewery, or winery or simply spending time together at home, I’ll preserve the memories and legacy for generations. Plus, you'll be in the frame!

• It is the equivalent of laying all the clothes out on your bed and seeing what works together even if you haven’t purchased them yet.

• It handpicks items from brands  like Free People, Gap, and online boutiques. 

• There is flexibility on which items to purchase. You can use the style sheet as a guide for shopping or can easily purchase those exact items online.

Booking your session will give you the access you need to set style goals, share color inspiration, and end up with a custom style board with ideas of pieces to purchase or doppelgängers to pull at home.

• It saves time! 


15 images for
digital download
print release
$100 gallery credit

Every family gets exactly what they want with their images and more post session. 

Two weeks after your signature session you will receive your slideshow. You will purchase your collection and have access to download your favorite images and spend your gallery credit in the online shop. 

30 images for
digital download
print release
$200 gallery credit

Collection A

Collection B

entire gallery
for digital download (60+)
print release
$400 gallery credit 

Collection C

During our phone conversation you will share your photography goals and a little bit about your family through a questionnaire. I will explain the process, even if your kids/fur babies interrupt. Once your session fee is paid, you are booked and will have access to the complimentary styling service and my client closet. You will also receive your What to Expect Guide to prepare for your session.

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Have Fun 


Every session is filled with giggles and sillies, as I capture what you love to do as a family, the moments that light you up, and the connections you have with one another. 

Relive it All


Within two-three weeks of our time together, you will receive your gallery of hand edited images in a slideshow to view in the comfort of your home. I will give you a heads-up so you can plan your own viewing party. You will decide on your collection which include a number of digital files and an amount to apply at the gallery shop to fill your homes and pass along your legacy with wall work, fine art albums, and more.

Christina did an amazing job with our family photos. From the first time we spoke--she was incredibly thoughtful, organized and detail oriented to ensure the session would be a success.. – Katie A.



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Christina had the hardest job of taking shots of another photographer's children. She kept my kids engaged and helped create authentic photos that I will treasure forever. I was impressed with her ability to calm the chaos. – Tj

Christina Tundo Photography specializes in candid snapshots of lives in which joy and chaos coexist.

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